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for I’m Good Bro: Masking Black Male Depression

With decades of education, training, professional and life experiences, this dynamic panel will have a lot to meaningful perspectives to add to this conversation. According to the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) and the World Health Organization (WHO), the highest form of equity is well-being. What does that mean? Are Black males especially susceptible to depression? Or have they just been overlooked? Find out, contribute, listen, and learn. What will be the take-ways for you and your community?  

Clevette Roberts

Clevette Roberts

Certified Life Coach ♦ Motivational Speaker ♦ Radio Show Host ♦ PEARLS Counselor & Substance Abuse Counselor ♦ Poet ♦ Author

Ms. Roberts is the Founder & CEO of Affirmation of Change, a life coaching business. She desires to help others tap into their individuality and be the best they can be while incorporating healing components of the arts. Ms. Roberts is currently establishing her own curriculum with a twist that includes Life Coaching with Art Healing Components. Ms. Roberts has a passion for working with inner-city youth and helping others become the best version of themselves. She has developed and contributed her extensive background and experience in Youth Facilitation, Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Gang Prevention, and Youth Project Development to many organizations, including StandUp-SpeakOut as a former board member. As a Motivational Speaker, she speaks at churches, libraries, conferences, military bases, and more. Ms. Roberts has been the Poet Laureate of Kinston since March 16, 2020. As a spoken-word artist, singer, and motivational speaker, she recently taught a well-received uplifting, and inspiring workshop for military personnel and their dependents at Fort Bragg’s Military Base for their Special Forces Division.

Ms. Roberts will offer her gifts to the DEFF audience by way of a performance during the Commuity Tmapct Film Series Event on Friday, November 19, beginning at 5:30 PM. Find out more about all the work Clevette “Chyna” Roberts does as an artist, community arts advocate. Discover all the many ways she creates and serves her community.

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Richard Patterson

Richard Patterson

Teacher ♦ Mentor ♦ Supervising Peer Support Specialist

Richard Patterson has 27 years in recovery. As Peer Support Specialist has training and first-hand knowledge of the effects of depression and substance abuse disorder. As a supervisor, he promotes other Peer Specialists’ professional and personal growth within established human resource standards. Richard has clear perspectives on depression as a three-fold mood disorder: mental, physical, and spiritual. He believes he is called to share the lived experiences that led to his mental health and substance disorders. Those in recovery from depression and substance abuse have to learn to be open, intentional, honest, courageous, prepared, and ethical. These are the highest ideals for greater accountability and well-being. In his role, he strives to model these traits. He has incorporated a set of tailor-made tools and strategies to live a successful life. He has taught many others to do the same. He believes that keeping a balance in all areas of his life helps him and many others leave happier lives.

Vernon Garrison

Vernon Garrison

 Nationally Certified Mediator ♦ Certified Life Coach ♦ Mental Health Professional

Mr. Garrison has a diverse background in public services. He has a strong criminal justice/crisis management background. He served as a director of the mediation program working in partnership with the Pitt County Court system. He served as a former CEO of two mental health agencies. Lastly Mr. Garrison presently host radio shows and TV shows producing progressive programing to educate, inspire and uplift listeners in the Eastern NC area including social media.



Martha Brown

Martha Brown

Multi-talented Artist ♦ Board Certified Chaplain ♦ Interpersonal Communication Instructor

Ms. Martha Brown is a creative who uses film, art, literature, and music to offer hope, joy, and support.  A board-certified chaplain, Brown has worked in various institutions living out her commitment to social justice and compassionately advocating for people in crisis, persons facing challenges, and those in critical need.  As an interpersonal communication instructor, Martha is building community one conversation at a time.

Community Impact Winner Laurel 2021


Lillie Williams

Lillie S. Williams

Author ♦ Certified Life Coach ♦ Transformational Speaker ♦ Non-Profit Community leader

Mrs. Lillie Streeter Williams aka “Coach Lily” is the Founder and CEO of Perfecting Destiny Coaching Services and President of Perfecting Destiny Empowerment Services. Coach Lily teaches teens how to live free from drugs, alcohol, opioids, bullying, teen pregnancy, and suicide ideation. Using proven principles and real-world strategies, Coach Lily leads teens and young adults to become more productive in all areas of their lives. After participating in Coach Lily’s workshops, seminars, and leadership conferences, they gain more confidence and experience increased self-esteem.  As a result, teens become more productive, make quality decisions, and master stability during a crisis.

Find out more about Coach Lily and Perfecting Destiny Coaching Services.

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