The Bathtub, DEFF 2023 “Best of the Fest” Winner


Sergi Marti Maltas


Sergi Marti Maltas

Sergi Martí is a director and screenwriter. He studied at the ESCAC (School of Cinema and Audio visuals of Catalonia) graduating in the specialty of direction [Promotion 1997-2001].

Ramon Riera is taking a well-deserved bath when his cell phone suddenly rings. On the other side of the line is Clara, a girl who insistently tries to sell him a life insurance policy.

Project Title Directors Winning  Position
Another Kind of Courage – Short Version Lynn Estomin 1st
Sometimes They Come Back Cormac Culkeen co-2nd
The Hollowed Stone Ockert Greeff co-2nd
Zhuyka/Cud Anne Ciecko 3rd
The Anxieties of a Reluctant Japanophile Justin Meckes Founder’s Award
Invitation to Grief Shymala B Dason Founder’s Award
Project Title Directors Award
Dear Animal Younes Kafashian 1st
Goose Jieun Park 2nd
Together Destiny DeJames, Jillian Dengate 3rd
The Republic of Wine Yuehang Li Founder’s Award
The Ballad of Liquid Sky Jo Knorpp Founder’s Award
Out of Control bellopropello Founder’s Award
Project Title Directors Award
The Line Jumper Rob Underhill, Hugh Oyake Murchison 1st
The Mentor Ebony Shontee’ Anderson 2nd
I’m Sorry Jordan Ebony Anderson Founder’s Award
Project Title Directors Award
Gift Vince Eisenson 1st
Night Voices Bradley Hawkins 2nd
Amphilochios: Saint of Patmos Thomaida Hudanish, Timothy Patitsas 3rd
Amphilochios: Saint of Patmos Thomaida Hudanish, Timothy Patitsas Founder’s Award
Project Title Directors Award
Cautionary Tale Christopher Zawadzki  1st
Lovesong Camilla Zaidee Benett 2nd
Homer: Great Teller of Tales Amelia Cameron 3rd
Basement William S Davis Founder’s Award
Project Title Directors Awards
A Real Life Quincy Moorer, 19 Pictures 1st
Cart Return Matt Webb 2nd
TOAST Travis Kane Price 3rd
The Pencil Thomas Calvin Schultz Founder’s Award
Everythingeater Maximilian Schmidt Founder’s Award
Project Title Directors Awards
I WAS THERE Chi Jang Yin 1st
A Man That Once Walked This Earth Dimitri Hale 2nd
a rolling stone gathers no moss Jolinna Li 3rd
Zero Coordinates Nima Valibeigi Founder’s Award
Project Title Directors Awards
THE SIGNAL – CASE #CE2-09031996-252 Raymond Wallace 1st
Project Title Directors Awards
Opus One: Pocket Index Zion Figueroa Feliciano 1st
Project Title Directors Awards
The Bathtub Sergi Marti Maltas 1st
Werner Herzog Saves TAXI DRIVER John Stevenson 2nd
A Momentary Stop Brittany Severance, Amelia McCarthy co – 3rd
Let It End Here Michael Helms co – 3rd
The Lobster Shift John Caudill Founder’s Award
Outed Blake Arthur (David James Senft) Founder’s Award
GOD’S CHILDREN Todd Bagley Founder’s Award
Dear Brother Darin Barron Student Pioneer Award
Mozart Natalie Burchert Student Pioneer Award
Project Title Directors Awards
The Playmaker Hannah Bowmann 1st
Are We There YET Marisa L.R. Prince 2nd
Charro  Steed (A Story of Mexican Rodeo) Matthew Keith Wagner 3rd
Gimme Shelter Rob Underhill, Gauri Singh, Beverly Kegley  Sweet Tea Award
The Playmaker Hannah Bowman Community Impact Award
The Taking of Harris Neck | Documentary Short Kevin Mannens Regional Impact Award
Wilderness Therapy Nate Wiggins Founder’s Award
In Her Absence Clarke Phillips Founder’s Award
Facing Forward Abigail Dickinson Founder’s Award
Save Our Soil Ayush Tlukder Student Pioneer Award
Project Title Directors Awards
Led by Compassion Dave Garcia 1st
Beyond Skin Deep Stacey Larkins 2nd