We believe that to accomplish unbelievable dreams you have to do unbelievable things. We want to shake the world with our ideas! The time to take action is now, not later. You can think of the perfect plan and how to execute it all day, but if you never take that first step, your plan is nothing more than organized thoughts.

Since 2007, the art of filmmaking has grown into a passion for Adrian Jackson. “I began making music videos and loved it,” explains Jackson, the owner of Black Forest Films, a film/video production company. He is a graduate of The Art Institute of Charlotte with a focus was directing and film production.

In 2016, as a 24-year-old independent filmmaker and a former track and cross-country athlete, Adrian Jackson decided to make a documentary of his run from Fort Mill, South Carolina to Hollywood, California over a three-month period to raise working capital for his film and video production company. His goal was also to raise awareness about the South Carolina film industry. Combining his two passions, filmmaking, and track, the result is his documentary, Running for Film. Jackson stays dedicated to fulfilling his filmmaking dreams.