Randall Martoccia teaches composition, literature, and film studies at East Carolina University. Since earning his MA in creative writing, Martoccia has widened his interests to include contemporary literature, screenwriting, and film criticism, and film-making. In 2004, through his company Lawnchair Productions, he produced a short film, “Charlie-Go-Round.” He has made several even shorter films since then, including two zombie movies and a movie full of continuity errors, called “Discontinuity. Several of his movies can be (but are not often found) on YouTube (channel: Randall Martoccia), the most recent of which are a ghost story documentary and an adaptation/parody of Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour.” These movies are mixed in with home movies, mostly involving his dogs or his daughter.

He also writes screenplays. In fact, he has resorted to making movies because it was the only way to see his screenplays produced. His two feature-length screenplays are The Hack and Chupacabra: A Story of the Aughts.

ECU profile: http://www.ecu.edu/cs-cas/engl/martoccia.cfm