WINNERS 2015 Festival

DownEasFlickFest Award_ Gregg J 2015_500wideBEST OF THE FEST
Gregg Jamback for “Greg Taylor: Ghost”

In this riveting extended short documentary, Jamback captures the essence of Greg Taylor, who “spent 17-years in prison for a crime he did not commit. In three riveting interviews, recorded during the three weeks before the precedent-setting hearing that set him free, Greg reflects on his years in prison, the lessons he learned, and the relationships he lost. Greg Taylor was the first person to be declared innocent by the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission.”

BEST DOCUMENTARY…“Dar He” submitted by Rob UnderHill

2nd Place: “Not Anymore” submitted by Matthew Van Dyke
3rd Place: “And Counting” submitted by Michelle Wood

BEST DRAMA…“The Watch” submitted by Roger Franks

2nd Place: “I’ve Just Had a Dream” by Javi Navarro
3rd Place: “Blue” submitted by Derek Donovan

BEST ANIMATION…“Tethered” submitted by Kevin McNulty

2nd Place: “Into the Grove” by Johnathan Peartree
3rd Place: “Kiko’s Paradise” by Paco Gisbert

BEST SCIFI/HORROR…“M-Theory” submitted by TL Westgate

2nd Place: “Murder Mill” submitted by Tyler Borden
3rd Place: “What’s in the Dark” submitted by Robert Leith

BEST EXPERIMENTAL…“that’s (NOT) Yates’ submitted by Joshua Yates

2nd Place: “Ocean” submitted by Stephanie Maxwell
3rd Place: “After” submitted by Cedric Messemane

BEST COMEDY…“Supermodels with Tasers” submitted by Chris Deir

2nd Place: “Hypocritic” submitted by T. W. Ballew
3rd Place: “Terms and Conditions” submitted by James Walker


“And Counting” Michelle Wood

“I’ve Had a Dream” submitted by Javi Navarro

“After the Snow” submitted by Chloe Graham

“Something To Sleep On” submitted by Bryce Clodfelter


Contemporary Fantasy: “Escapes” submitted by Mercedes Gaspar
Drama: “Pechorin” submitted by Roman Khrushch
Romantic Comedy: “On That Love” submitted by Giovanni Bongioanni