Ill Will, The Illest

Ill Will, The Illest –  is a Hip Hop artist and entrepreneur from North Carolina. ILL Will is making a contribution to the world of entertainment by example of using your gifts to uplift others and inspire. ILL WILL strives to create content-driven music where the message is the focus and to help others to use their gift as a platform to launch them into their purpose.

KP Santiago

Born and Raised in Lexington, KY, KP Santiago began writing and performing Poetry in 2000 in Nashville, TN on the campus of Fisk University. He would later go on to become a regular on the Poetry scene of Lexington, KY and UK’s Campus before moving to RALEIGH NC, where he has grown to become an contributor to their Poetry Scene and an active Participant of the City Soul Open Mic and Zion Promotions Events.

Scherrie “Boss Lady” Strayhorn

My name is Scherrie Strayhorn. I am from the small Eastern NC town of Cove City, but currently live in Kinston, NC. I started writing at a young age and began writing poetry when I was 10. It became my passion. Today I am a published poet and I use poetry to tell my story, and to encourage others. It is my greatest pleasure to share my talent with the world.

Annea Alice Evans aka Unique

Born Annea Alice Evans but known to Poetry world as Unique. She began writing poetry in 1990’s and became interested in poetry as an outlet to express herself in 2007 when her sister of God Chyna started Illusions. She states when God is ready for her to publish, she has several books and one is called Poetry to Live By.  She also has a how to book called How to See and Use Poetry in Your Life.

Currently, she posts her very own Good Morning Lord Inspirational Messages on Facebook daily which shows her relationship with God to the world as He has asked her to do.

She is a hardworking woman who can be found working at Roses in Mount Olive, NC most days as that is the bill paying job. She has a husband of 20 years and a daughter in high school, so plenty of material for poetic soul pouring.

Angel H.

Authentically known as Angel.H, she is a Singer/Songwriter/Visual Artist/Performer/Poet and so much more. Full of lots of love to give and a story to tell in hopes to inspire, encourage and uplift the world through her love and passion for music.

Trew Khonsequencez

“Straight outta North Carolina 2 cousin’s proves to the world that their grind with be respected and their hustle continues to be certified love’s or hate’em the ambition doesn’t rest”

Dexter Howell

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