Saturday, November 19th beginning at 12 PM. You will not want to miss a thing!

View live at Down East Flick Fest Facebook page at or register to join the individual sessions in Zoom as listed below.

12PM EST  |

Is show business calling Your Name? Ursula O. Robinson host a discussion on “Using Your Talent Wherever You Are!”

Ursula will lead this interactive discussion in how to leverage talent, interest, and resources to create a film/media hub even in the most unlikely places, a small Southern town, in spite of what many may see as challenges. She and her guest will discuss their journeys and escapades as they provide meaningful, useful tips that road-mapped their successes. Got questions? Join the conversation!

Click here to learn more about Ursula and her guest Taylor R. Johnson.

2:00 PM EST  |

Barry Ward presents an eye-opening “Discussion on Comedy & Satire.”

This interactive panel of seasoned creatives will reveal why and how writers and actors use satire to critique social conditions, systems of power, and hypocrisy in human behavior by engaging audiences through humor, irony, and exaggeration.

Click here to learn more about Barry and his panel.

3 PM EST   |

Gera Miles presents “A Discussion on the Current State of Afro-Surrealism in Movies &  Television.”

Surrealism, to some artists, was a way to balance the social and often mythic oppositions that we see occurring in own reality. Afrofuturism looks at how Black people can reclaim their joyous and anguished past to project themselves into a living future where they thrive instead of survive, while Afro-surrealism exists in the “future-past.” It challenges all oppositions forced on Afro people, whether they be “White/Black, European/African, and civilized/savage.” Between those extremes is the subjective NOW, where the awareness of this often hidden, strange reality can generate both fear and inspiration. Let’s talk about it!

4 PM EST |

Regina YC Garcia presents “EXPRESSION OBSESSION: Developing Artistic Partnerships to Elevate Impact.”

In this interactive workshop, Poet and Language Artist Regina YC Garcia will engage artists from a wide range of artistic genres to discuss the most effective ways to create increased clarity and appeal in their productions through the formation of collaborations with other creatives from a diversity of artistic backgrounds.

Click here to learn more about Regina and her panel of experts here.

6 PM EST   |

Lee Armstrong hosts DEFF’s first “Actors Café.”

Lee and guest actors will discuss the craft, the business, the challenges, and the joy of acting. With an impressive body of work as an actor in 126 films & 17 television projects, Lee will lead a lively round-table that will empower, arm, and better prepare would-be or emerging actors as they embark in this exciting field.