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We believe that to accomplish unbelievable dreams you have to do unbelievable things. We want to shake the world with our ideas! The time to take action is now, not later. You can think of the perfect plan and how to execute it all day, but if you never take that first step, your plan is nothing more [...]

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Meet John Demers, Creator of Rusty Bucket Kids

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Excerpts from an Article by Josh Shaffer Rusty Bucket Man He toured the country as an actor, but when John Demers fell ill, he realized he had everything he needed in Apex, and created “The Rusty Bucket Kids,” an educational TV show set right at home. In his faster-paced Hollywood days, John Demers drove all [...]

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Filmmaking: Art and Money

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Filmmaking: Art and Money Three Financing Options: Deferred Equity, Talent Swapping & Crowdfunding Which should you choose? Like all artists, filmmakers often struggle to support their art. Building relationships with other filmmakers is always a great idea for many emerging filmmakers who have limited funding sources. The trend towards forming gypsy crews of filmmakers who [...]

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