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Stay tuned. We will be making updates over the next several days. In other words, don't ask. It's a secret.


Meet John Demers, Creator of Rusty Bucket Kids

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Excerpts from an Article by Josh Shaffer Rusty Bucket Man He toured the country as an actor, but when John Demers fell ill, he realized he had everything he needed in Apex, and created “The Rusty Bucket Kids,” an educational TV show set right at home. In his faster-paced Hollywood days, John Demers drove all [...]

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Meet Alice Fuller, Social Media Consultant

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Alice Filler will present a workshop in the afternoon and serve on our Filmmakers' Lounge Panel that evening on June 4th. A TV and film producer turned social media strategist, Ms. Fuller is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Sheer Social, a boutique social media marketing training and consulting business. Originally from Raleigh, NC, Alice [...]

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Social Media is Boom Marketing!

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Social Media is Boom Marketing! If you want your project to blow up, social media can make it go boom! An effective social media campaign can rapidly increase interest from audiences as well as potential distributors. Filmmaking has always been a collaborative art form and this will not ever change. What social media has changed [...]