Friday, June 3, 2016

Screenings will be held at 4 locations in Uptown Greenville from 1 to 9 PM and are free and open to the public.
Check the schedule at the locations below.

Emerge Art Gallery

12-4 pm

404 Evans Street

Crave Restaurant

4-8 pm

409 Evans Street

Purple Blossom Yoga Studio

5-9 pm

302 Evans Street

Art Avenue

8pm-12 Midnight

212 East Fifth Street

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Southern-style awards event at The Music House, a stately Victorian era home. There will be Sangria and light horderves served on the porch beginning at 7 and our Filmmakers’ Lounge with industry experts in the living room.

Winners will be announced and awards given and celebratory social hour will be held with more refreshments.

The Music House is located at 408 W. Fifth Street, just a stone throw away from Uptown Greenville District. Like them on Facebook

Down East Flick Fest 2016 Filmmakers’ Lounge Experts

Meet Gregg
Meet John
Meet Alice
Meet Rob

Leading from Behind the Lens:  the Independent Edge, Sustainability, & 21st Century Marketing Strategies

Hear from veteran filmmakers and get tips from experts. As an independent filmmaker you have a lot of hurdles, from selecting a project that you care about, to balancing all the things needed to turn an idea into a viable film.

The independent edge is the ability to make creative choices that may elude mainstream filmmakers. So how do you choose a project and what goes into deciding how to tell the story? How can you best use the edge that audiences have come to expect from independent filmmakers?

And another thing, filmmaking can be expensive.  What can you expect from crowdfunding and other financing models? What goes into creating a successful pitch? Okay, what about 21st Century marketing trends? What are the trends and how can I use them?

This panel includes voices across the spectrum of financial, creative, and marketing know-how. They will share the choices they’ve made and how they’ve made it work for them. Join in the conversation with your questions and observations.