Social Media is Boom Marketing!

If you want your project to blow up, social media can make it go boom!

An effective social media campaign can rapidly increase interest from audiences as well as potential distributors. Filmmaking has always been a collaborative art form and this will not ever change. What social media has changed is the way collaboration has shifted from collaboration solely during the production process to collaboration between storytellers, filmmakers, audiences, and consumers. The shift will have seismic effects on the filmmaking industry and the traditions we have inherited, and will create a new order.

Coming from an entertainment background in television producing, Alice Fuller is accustomed to sharing stories and finding those interesting facts or traits that connect with people.

Sheer Social combines her passions for strong visual content and social networking in one environment.  As a Principal Consultant, she uses her producing talents to help individuals, entertainers, and businesses connect with targeted audiences to convert friends, fans, and followers into customers and social influencers with measurable results.

Alice Fuller will lead a social media workshop geared towards filmmakers, artists et al, and other professionals during the 2016 Down East Flick Fest on Saturday, June 4th. Contact us for more information.  Express interest early due to limited seating.

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